Life of the Buddha - 2MB

A workbook to introduce the life story of the Buddha to young children and new students of Buddhism. This book is written using plain language that young children can understand and includes illustrations and spaces (In the printed version only) where they can draw their own pictures. The purpose of this book is to introduce children to the Buddha.

Relatives & Disciples of the Buddha - 48MB

This book introduces the reader to some of the close relatives and leading disciples of the Buddha. The thirty-five life stories highlight the contributions of these great disciples to mankind through the preservation of the Buddha Dhamma and includes verses from their own teachings as found in the Theragatha and Therigatha. This book is enriched with illustrations by children in Canada and Sri Lanka (printed version only). The children's perspective on the stories adds a touching depth which brings to life the great persons who preserve the Dhamma so that it would be available for them to study many years later.

Questions & Answers in Buddhism Vol I - 0.4MB

This book includes questions asked by students of the Dhamma and covers such topics as: Why should I believe in rebirth? What is the Buddhist viewpoint on capital punishment? and Why are there inequalities among mankind? The purpose of this book is to introduce the child or beginner to some important concepts of the Dhamma in an interesting manner while encouraging them to question and understand the teachings before accepting them.

Questions & Answers in Buddhism Vol II - 0.8MB

This book is a continuation of the book Questions and Answers in Buddhism - Volume 1. The questions contained in this book were taken from speaking engagements at Interfaith conferences, University seminars, and Dhamma classes in Winnipeg. This book is for an advanced student of the Dhamma and covers such topics as: What is the Buddhist concept of Inner Peace? Why is Buddhism sometimes compared to science? How has Buddhism contributed to the position of women? and What is the role of Divine Beings in Buddhism?

In the Footsteps of the Buddha - 8.4MB

This book takes you in the footsteps of the Buddha from Lumbini where He was born, to Kusinara where He passed away. It includes (in the printed version only) beautiful colour illustrations of the significant sacred places in the life of the Buddha and helps the reader to visualize the spirituality and exquisite beauty of these places. This book is addressed to all persons interested in the Buddha and the Dhamma and to persons who have an interest in history and ancient ruins.

Practicing the Dhamma with a View to Nibbana - 1.6MB

This book is addressed to advanced students of the Dhamma. The book is divided into two sections. The first section explains why we should practise the Dhamma with a view to Nibbaana. It explains how rare is the appearance of a Buddha and how very fortunate we are to be born at a time when the teachings of a Buddha are available. The book brings to light the fact that only a Supreme Buddha can show us the path to the total destruction of suffering. It is designed to encourage us to strive on with diligence and concentrated, continuous effort. The second section concentrates on how one practises the Dhamma with a view to Nibbaana. Once we have realized the urgency of practising the Dhamma, it is important to know how to practise the Dhamma with a view to Nibbaana. This book introduces the reader to the practise of generosity, morality, and mediation (Samatha and Vipassanaa), as taught by the Buddha.

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