Radhika Abeysekera taught the Dhamma to the teenagers of the Manitoba Buddhist Vihara for five years during the period of 1999-2004. She initiated the Newsletter to encourage her students to write about what they had leaned in her class and to test their understanding of the Dhamma. These Newsletters are a collection of the writings of some of her students. Mrs. Abeysekera currently teaches the theory and practice of meditation to the advanced class of the Manitoba Buddhist Vihara.
Bodhi Leaves was started in June 1999 as a semiannual Buddhist newsletter. The Buddhist children of Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) submit articles on topics covered in Sunday Class or on any activity or event related to Buddhism. As editor Chamal Abeysekera compiled and edited the entries and put together the newsletter for distribution. We are proud to be the first Buddhist Children's Newsletter in all of Canada. Our newsletter is circulated globally to countries like Australia, England, United States, and Sri Lanka to students and teachers interested in Buddhism.
We selected Bodhi Leaves as our logo because the Bodhi tree represents the Buddha. Devotees who came to see the Buddha in Savatthi were disappointed when He was not in attendance. They wanted a symbol that they could venerate when the Buddha was not in attendance. The Buddha asked for a sapling of the Bodhi tree to be planted in Savatthi. The Buddha then asked his devotees to venerate the Bodhi tree that had provided shade for him during his search for enlightenment. Ever since then Buddhists revere the Bodhi tree as they do the Buddha. The three leaves depict the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.
More than twenty five youth and children joined the Theory and Practice of Meditation class, (which is an adult class), in fall of 2009. Mrs. Abeysekera reintroduced the children’s newsletter to encourage her new students to write about what they had leaned in her class and to test their understanding of the Dhamma. Meditation is an essential component of the advanced class and all registered students are expected to participate fully in the program.

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Children who have Seen the Buddha - 518KB


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